EU Energy Poverty Observatory EPOV

What is EPOV and what does it mean to Fuel Poverty?

Energy Action has been advocating on behalf of people living in fuel poverty in Ireland for many years. More than 50 million households in the European Union are struggling to attain adequate warmth, pay their utility bills on time and live in homes free of damp and mould. Awareness of energy poverty is rising in Europe […]

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Fuel Poverty Awareness Day

It is difficult to believe that there are still people in Europe who have to choose between heating and eating during the winter. Fuel poverty is a specific type of deprivation wherein a household cannot afford to heat and power their home adequately. Despite the excellent work being undertaken across the island of Ireland, Fuel […]

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Denis Naughten FPCON17

Ireland’s Transition to a Low Carbon Energy Future

Across Government, we are talking about what is the defining issue of our generation – Climate and our transition to a low Carbon future. As you will expect, I have a lot to say about renewable energy, but energy is part of a wider portfolio and no one element sits in isolation. Notwithstanding the decision of […]

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Making the Smart Choice When it Comes to Energy Metering

Eighty two per cent of people with smart meters are taking steps to reduce their energy use and eighty one per cent would recommend smart meters to other people. These have already been fitted in households and micro-businesses, and are among the findings of a new survey across Britain, where almost five million smart meters […]

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The History of the Electric Meter

At the 6th annual Fuel Poverty and Climate Action Conference, one of the workshops will focus on smart meters: the latest rendition of the electric meter. However, how did we get to that point of monitoring our energy usage? Here is a brief look at the history of our little friend who can be found […]

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