With the 6th Annual Energy Action Fuel Poverty and Climate Action Conference taking place this coming Monday, it is important to give a background of the organisation and the services it delivers free  to the most vulnerable to make their homes more  comfortable  and more energy efficient. Listed below are the services that Energy Action provide to help make homes dry and warm throughout the year.


  • Surveying: Energy Action surveys the house to measure what work is required to make the house more comfortable and to retain the heat, that will also save on bills once the house is insulated. The measures are listed below.


  • Attic Insulation: Given that 30% of the heat can escape through the roof. Energy Action will insulate your attic to a depth of 300mm with mineral wool to warm up your home and fit in a walk-board from the attic hatch to the cold-water storage tank for easy access in the attic. They will also insulate all of the pipe-work in the attic and the cold water tanks and fit a cover over the tanks as well as draught proof the attic hatch.


  • Cavity Wall Insulation: A cavity wall usually consists of two leafs of bricks or blocks with a space between them. If you already have cavity walls, Energy Action can inject insulation (bead) to fill the cavity to make the house warmer.


  • Ventilation is important to let the houses breath and either roof, soffit or core vents are fitted.


  • Draught Proofing: As well as the attics and walls, Energy Action draught proofs the external envelope of the house including external doors as well a windows and letter box cover.


  • HWC Lagging Jacket: Energy Action help to make the water heater provide even more warmth by fitting a lagging jacket on the hot water tank.


  • CFLs: Energy Action fit  4 CFL bulbs into your house. These bulbs use up to 80% less electricity and last eight times as long as the incandescent light bulbs consumers purchase.


  • Energy Advice: Energy Action provides detailed energy advice to all householders availing of the Better Energy Warmer homes Scheme. This includes offering saving tips and making consumers aware of the grants and schemes they can qualify for.

If you would like to know more about Energy Action or the services, free feel to ask us at our stand at the 6th Annual Fuel Poverty and Climate Action Conference in Croke Park on March 6th 2017.

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