Energy Action has been advocating on behalf of people living in fuel poverty in Ireland for many years. More than 50 million households in the European Union are struggling to attain adequate warmth, pay their utility bills on time and live in homes free of damp and mould. Awareness of energy poverty is rising in Europe and has been identified as a policy priority by a number of EU institutions, most notably in the European Commission’s ‘Clean Energy for All Europeans’ legislative package.

In the last year, Energy Action were invited as part of “a consortium of 13 organisations, from academia to the business sector, …to create a ‘specialist “knowledge hub”’ – called the European Energy Poverty Observatory (EPOV)”, which is funded by the European Commission, who will work together to identify core issues causing energy poverty as well as mechanisms that can be deployed to end the problem.

EPOV officially launched on the 29th of January 2018 in Brussels. It will focus on leveraging data across Europe and providing a friendly and open access resource, as well as creating the conditions for collaboration, including the sharing of best practices, across member states and institutions that are dealing with energy poverty in sometimes vastly different markets and conditions.

7 Speakers connected to EPOV

We are delighted to have a 7 speakers, from EPOV organisations represented at the European Energy Poverty Conference on the 29th of March at Croke Park Dublin. Were you to have any questions about EPOV or anything else, for any of the speakers at EEPCon18, please email us them, with the Question and who it is directed towards.




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