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With the most recent Energy Efficiency Directive from the EU, we will all be charged with reducing Ireland’s energy usage by 1.5% year on year. Enprova is a unique collaboration by the IPIA and its members to assist Ireland in meeting these energy saving obligations.  We all face increased legislative and financial pressure to be as energy efficient as possible and as an independent Irish business we offer uniquely tailored energy savings solutions that are best for your home, your business and the environment.

Commercial & Industrial

Acting as an advisor and consultant, we work hand in hand with staff and facilities management to meet individual business and corporate energy efficiency needs. As an endorsed Government scheme, Enprova is able to act as a consultant free of charge, with its primary aim and objective to ensure energy efficient measures and recommendations are made available to all Irish businesses, large or small. If required or preferred Enprova can also procure and project manage any recommended initiatives.


Acting as an advisor and consultant, we advise on and facilitate energy efficiency measures in transport for businesses and corporate fleet.  Measures include assisting in improving fuel efficiency through air-kits, lubrication oils, energy efficiency tyres, vehicle tracking, eco driving and fuel management strategies. Contact us today for a free assessment of your fleet.

Residential Scheme

The Enprova Residential Scheme is designed to bring energy efficiency and reduced utility bills to Irish homes. We advise on and fit energy saving measures in your home from insulation and heating and any other measures that are available. Services we can facilitate include:

  • External Wall insulation
  • Gas and Oil boiler replacement
  • Heating controls
  • Air source heat pumps
  • Solid fuel stoves
  • Solar installation

We have a national network of approved and accredited installers which are subject to independent audit on all projects to ensure the highest standard of service is received by all customers. We can also assist you financially by applying for grants under the Better Energy Homes scheme on your behalf.

Did you know that 35% of all heating energy is lost through the roofs and walls and homes where adequate installation is not fitted? Contact us and see how we can help improve the energy efficiency of your home; designed to save you money and keep you warm.

Enprova also manages and delivers major residential projects on behalf of County and City Councils, SEAI and the private sector. To find out more on these initiatives click here.