It is difficult to believe that there are still people in Europe who have to choose between heating and eating during the winter. Fuel poverty is a specific type of deprivation wherein a household cannot afford to heat and power their home adequately. Despite the excellent work being undertaken across the island of Ireland, Fuel Poverty remains a daunting challenge and there are no easy solutions. Tackling fuel poverty requires holistic solutions. Communities, industry, government and research groups must work together to find sustainable solutions.

The case for addressing fuel poverty is clear. Living in warm, comfortable homes has a hugely beneficial impact on quality of life which is reflected in lower costs for our health systems.

Energy Action CLG is a Dublin – based charity, providing a free home insulation service to people in fuel poverty. Energy Action has been advocating on behalf of the fuel poor for many years and has hosted six Fuel Poverty Conferences. These events have been important in raising and maintaining awareness of this problem.

This year’s conference has a European theme and takes place on 29th March at the Croke Park Conference Centre in Dublin. People from different backgrounds will come together at the Conference to discuss ways to tackle fuel poverty.

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  1. liam ward says: February 23, 2018 at 11:50 am

    My home is constantly cold coz I live on my own now and am half afraid to switch on my heating coz my provider s only interested in profit they should be forced to drop their prices in cold weather to enble us old aged pensioners to heat our homes.even one room would suit me to keep warm

    • Plugmedia says: March 8, 2018 at 11:05 am

      Hi Liam, we have 3 of the main suppliers speaking at the conference. Were you not interested in attending yourself, is there any questions you’d like us to raise on the day to this group or at the sessions –