“Fuel poverty is defined in a number of ways. It is sometimes referred to in relation to the deficit in funds a household has to spend on fuel relative to the actual cost of heating the house to a comfortable level.

There are a number of factors at play when trying to determine whether or not a household is in fuel poverty e.g. not being able to afford to heat their home properly. There is household income, household expenses and the energy efficiency of the house itself. E.g. its ability to retain generated heat.


Local authorities are committed to improving the quality of the lives of the people who live in their administrative area. The works done by local authorities are both tangible and intangible, E.g. promoting the area as a place to live work and invest in, improving facilities and infrastructure (roads, rail, utilities), improving connectivity and building sustainable communities.

Sustainable communities need to be energy efficient. To remain sustainable over time communities need to reduce the amount of energy they consume to maintain and if necessary enhance the quality of life of the community members. This energy in energy consumption is essential both to remain competitive (attract and retain industry), reduce carbon emissions and have a good quality of life.

Significant steps are being taken at local and national level to reduce energy consumption in our communities. E.g. encouraging a modal shift from private cars to public transport, walkways, cycle ways, public LED lighting and improved diet and exercise.

Buildings are one of the biggest consumers of energy (50% approx of all consumption). In many ways reducing energy consumption in buildings is easier because people have more control over their actual consumption. Here too Local Authorities are playing a significant role particularly in relation to improving the ability of new and existing social housing schemes to improve their ability to retain heat generated”.



You can now book your tickets for the Fuel Poverty & Climate Action Conference taking place in Croke Park on the 6th of March

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  1. Michael Bambrick says: October 2, 2017 at 5:25 pm

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