Minister Murphy announces allocation of funding of over €25 Million Housing Investment for Local Authority Homes.    

Allocation of funding for 2019 which will see the upgrading of the energy efficiency of Local Authority homes at a cost of €25m. 

Minister for Housing, Planning & Local Government, Eoghan Murphy has today announced the allocation of over €25 million in funding for the upgrading of the energy efficiency of local authority homes this year.

This is the latest funding allocation under the programme for energy retrofitting social homes, which has already seen over 68,000 homes retrofitted to date through a total exchequer spend of over €128m. The programme provides funding of up to €22,800 per property for fabric upgrade works to dwellings with solid/hollow block wall construction and includes the provision of heating upgrades such as heat pumps and solar panels. As well as improving the energy efficiency of Ireland’s social housing stock, the programme also brings about reductions in people’s heating bills and helps tackle fuel poverty. As part of the EU Operational Programme 2014-2020, the programme attracts co-funding under the European Regional Development Fund.

Minister Murphy said

“I’m delighted to be able to continue the programme of energy retrofitting of social homes. Today’s announcement is particularly timely, given the recent announcement by Government of our plan to tackle climate disruption. A principle objective of our social housing retrofitting programme is to contribute to Ireland’s commitments in relation to carbon emissions reductions and energy reduction targets.  The energy retrofitting of buildings in the private and public sector hold the greatest potential for energy savings. This funding will see improvements in the thermal efficiency of homes through improved attic and wall insulation, along with the addition of heating upgrades such as heat pumps and solar panels, resulting in improved comfort levels all around. As a result of this €25 million investment for energy retrofitting works to social houses, a further tranche of local authority tenants will experience warmer homes and reduced fuel bills this winter.


Notes for Editors:

Energy Efficiency Programme

The energy efficiency retrofitting programme for social houses, continues to sustain and create jobs while making a significant contribution to Ireland’s carbon emissions reduction targets and energy reduction targets for 2020, resulting in warmer homes and lower energy bills for local authority tenants.

The list of eligible works and the grant aid available are at Appendix A.

The allocations to each local authority are at Appendix B.  

Funding under the scheme is based on evidence of the work done and confirmation that no previous public funding has been received in recent years for similar works for the property. It is also a requirement that details of energy savings (pre and post-works BER) are provided by the local authorities when drawing down funding from DHPLG.

A deep retrofit typically involves carrying out multiple energy efficient measures together, wall insulation, attic, replacing windows and doors, installing renewable energy technologies in the home. Where more than 25% of the surface envelope of a property undergoes renovation, the energy performance of the dwelling should be upgraded to achieve a cost optimal level where feasible. This typically requires wall insulation, attic insulation and the installation of a condensing boiler or heat pump or alternatively, the attainment of a B2 Building Energy Rating (BER).

EU Funding

As part of the EU Operational Programme 2014-2020, these energy efficiency works will attract co- funding under the European Regional Development Fund.  The Regional Assemblies have created a ‘Social Housing Retrofit programme’ within their Operational Programmes to accommodate support for the social housing Voids and Energy Efficiency programmes. This will see EU co-financing of 50% of eligible public investment under these programmes.

Appendix A

Eligible Works and Grant Aid available

Item  no.Phase 2 Eligible Works2 storey house or  bungalow  
 Mid TerraceEnd Terrace  
1300mm Attic Insulation including hot press tank and pipe insulation                     300    
2 Flat Roof insulation and necessary ventilation in flat roofs of existing extension                 1,000   
 3  External Wall Insulation Including ventilation & other necessary works       7,000     10,000  
 3aOrDry Lining      1,000       1,500  
4 Windows and Doors Replacement                   4,500 
5*Photovoltaic Panels(size to suit dwelling need and capped at Planning limit) 2                  2,500  
6 Upgrade existing boiler and upgrade or replace radiators                 2,000   
 6aOrRadiators: replace/upgrade                  750  
 6bOrHeat Pump (to replace Boiler) and upgrade or replace radiators                7,000  
 MAX GRANT   €22,800  

Appendix B

Local Authority                                                Allocation                              
Carlow County Council€229,348                               
Cavan County Council€277,478
Clare County Council€1,028,180
Cork City Council€1,262,252
Donegal County Council€662,794
Dublin City Council€7,930,830
Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council €340,200
Fingal County Council€682,046
Galway City Council€322,399
Galway County Council€335,512
Kerry County Council€570,022
Kildare County Council€541,144
Kilkenny County Council€321,562
Laois County Council€45,218
Leitrim County Council€130,857
Limerick City and County Council€2,691,068
Longford County Council€265,480
Louth County Council€529,286
Mayo County Council€286,825
Meath County Council€419,356
Monaghan County Council€210,933
Offaly County Council*€161,200
Roscommon County Council€196,006
Sligo County Council€216,750
South Dublin County Council€1,037,718
Tipperary County Council€685,673
Waterford City and County Council€690,556
Westmeath County Council€0
Wexford County Council€609,084
Wicklow County Council€609,223
Special Projects€569,143

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