Householders have cut down dramatically on the amount of electricity and gas they use since the financial crash. New figures from the regulator show that consumption in the average home is down around 20pc since banks prompted an economic downturn almost 10 years ago.

Funding Shortage for Retrofitting

Resources are only available to fund retrofitting on one-third of the 75,000 homes and buildings required to be upgraded each year between now and 2020 to meet our EU energy targets.


Irish company prepares to test wave energy device in Galway Bay

Irish company, Sea Power, is preparing to test its prototype wave energy device at the Galway Bay marine and renewable energy test site. Wave energy devices, such as Sea Power, will ultimately harness the extraordinary power of the waves off Ireland’s coast, to generate electricity


Arranmore Island Communities Project to benefit 47 homes and 6 businesses through energy efficiency upgrades

Arranmore has made great strides towards becoming a sustainable energy community according to Jim Gannon, CEO of the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) who was visiting the area on 26th September to see the building energy upgrades taking place on the beautiful Gaeltacht Island off the coast of Donegal


ESB plan wave energy farm off the west coast

ESB planning to implement a 50 million euro wave farm off the west coast of Ireland

Sept 22, 2016 : Builders Take: Efficient Heating, A Dreary Theme But Could Save You Thousands

Builders Take: Efficient Heating, A Dreary Theme But Could Save You Thousands

Jun 15, 2016 : Irish company in hot water with energy efficiency
Dublin-based Exergyn develops engine that runs on wasted water of 90°C […]

Jun 15, 2016 : Project aims to spend €20 million on energy upgrades for homes
FUNDING of €20 million will be used to upgrade 1,000 homes in Tallaght and Walkinstown over the next three years as part of a pilot project which aims to combat energy poverty […]

Jun 14, 2016 : Carbon dioxide levels set to break ‘symbolic threshold’ in 2016
CO2 in atmosphere is set to be above 400 parts per million all year round for first time […]

Jun 14, 2016 : Funding LED lights for businesses was a seriously bright idea
LED lights are much more energy efficient than traditional light bulbs. They can reduce energy bills by as much as 80pc. Unfortunately, the technology and installation process is prohibitively expensive for many businesses […]

Jun 13, 2016 : Irish Energy Use & CO2 emissions increased last year
Ireland’s overall energy use and related CO2 emissions both increased by roughly 5% […]

Jun 09, 2016 : Oliver Moore: Organic farming is not anti-technology
Organic farming may have an old fashioned image as being anti-technology […]

Jun 06, 2016 : Windfarms set for boost as Ireland takes place in offshore energy pact
Ireland will, today, sign up to an international pact to foster cross-border co-operation in the development of an offshore renewable energy sector in northern Europe […]

Jun 06, 2016 : Cross-sector group to discuss how to improve quality of existing housing stock
A cross sectoral group of organisations from government, local authorities, industry and charities met to develop a strategy to improve the quality of the Irish existing housing stock […]

Jun 06, 2016 : NovoGrid start-up can boost revenues for renewable providers
NovoGrid helps make the transfer of renewable energy to the grid more efficient […]

Jun 02, 2016 : Renamed department to include ‘environment’ in title
A Government department is to be renamed to include “environment’’ in its title […]

Jun 02, 2016 : SSE Airtricity customers save €57 as firm cuts energy prices
SSE Airtricity will reduce electricity prices by 5pc in August and the same for gas […]

Jun 01, 2016 : New minister for climate change has no time to waste
For the first time, Ireland now has a Minister with responsibility for climate change […]

May 31, 2016 : Coillte land ‘can meet half of new energy needs’
The state’s forestry agency says it has half of all the land needed to hit Ireland’s renewable energy targets by 2020 […]

May 27, 2016 : Irish consumers best at changing energy suppliers
Irish consumers top the European table when it comes to switching electricity and gas providers, as energy prices fell last year […]

May 25, 2016 : Ireland still some way off meeting renewable target for 2020
Ireland is still some way off reaching renewable energy targets for 2020 but is ahead of the EU average for the proportion of electricity generated from sustainable sources […]

May 12, 2016 : Communities to be enabled to take a stake in new renewable energy projects
COMMUNITIES will be offered the opportunity to invest in renewable energy projects under proposals being developed by an energy cooperative […]

May 11, 2016 : Many plants facing extinction due to climate change and rising temperatures
More than 2,000 plant species were discovered last year, the first study of their global status has found, but many species are in danger of extinction […]

May 10, 2016 : Revealed: How to save €200 a year simply by switching energy providers
IRISH customers could save more than €200 a year if they switch energy providers as a price war looks set to take hold […]

May 10, 2016 : Naughten: We need suite of energy solutions – not just wind and solar
New Cabinet minister Denis Naughten says further public consultation is needed on the issue of wind turbines […]

May 03, 2016 : More than one million households to get biggest cuts in electricity prices
Electric Ireland said its 1.2 million customers will see prices fall by 6pc in June. The reduction will save the average family €57 over the course of a year […]

May 03, 2016 : Shine a light on huge energy discounts
From taking advantage of ‘new customer’ discounts, to simply switching to a cheaper supplier, there are savings to be made if you know where to look […]

May 03, 2016 : Reasons to be cheerful on climate change deal
Can world leaders meeting in Paris finally reach agreement on a new global deal to reduce […]

Apr 27, 2016 : We cannot afford to ignore the potential of solar power
Contrary to popular opinion, the amount of sun in Ireland is good and comparable to much of the UK, is about 78pc of that of France and is even better than the Netherlands. […]

Apr 26, 2016 : Now is the right time for action on climate change
When growth is strong, governments are urged to allow its exploitation, and when growth is weak they are urged not to worsen matters […]

Apr 22, 2016 : Ireland urged to end investment in fossil fuels
“By investing in fossil fuel industries, Ireland is funding climate change,” Eamonn Meehan of Trócaire warns. […]

Apr 22, 2016 : 6 celebs who turned the conversation towards climate change
In the crazy world of showbusiness, it’s quite easy for celebrities to get wrapped up in their own affairs and forget about the world going on around them […]

Apr 21, 2016 : 100% Renewable Ireland: The Long and Short-term Changes Required to Eliminate Fossil Fuels
In this address, Prof. Connolly outlined the steps required in Ireland to transition away from fossil fuels to 100% renewable energy. See video on YouTube.

Apr 21, 2016 : 160 countries to sign Paris Agreement on climate change
About 160 countries are expected to sign the Paris Agreement on climate change in a symbolic triumph for a landmark deal that once seemed unlikely, but is now poised to take effect years ahead of schedule […]

Apr 20, 2016 : Greenhouse gas emissions rise in key sectors
Greenhouse gas emissions in key trading sectors rose last year, despite falls across the rest of Europe. A report from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) showed that […]

Apr 20, 2016 : Time for sun to set on addiction to fossil fuels
There has never been a better time to break free from fossil fuels. Record-breaking global temperatures, plummeting fossil-fuel prices, historic investments in renewable energy, and […]

Apr 19, 2016 : Why do all other countries have solar and we don’t?
Grazing sheep in the same field where thousands of solar panels are used to produce electricity may seem like something out of Father Ted, but it could be […]

Apr 18, 2016 : Irish recovery achieved with zero impact on environment
Recent data produced by the World Resources Institute shows that Ireland is having a sustainable recovery, successfully growing economic output while reducing […]

Apr 15, 2016 : The Punt: Another reason to do the right thing
COMPANIES and community groups which have taken bold steps to reduce their energy consumption should be rightly applauded […]

Apr 14, 2016 : Plans for 420 solar farms rest on State backing
Developers are planning to build more than 420 solar farms nationwide capable of powering more than 2.1 million homes […]

Apr 13, 2016 : Solar Electric Ireland Scoops Product of Show Award for High Tech Energy Storage Solution
The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland’s (SEAI) annual two-day business-to-business event, The Energy Show 2016, was a huge success […]

Apr 13, 2016 : Passive home tech a ‘no brainer’ for next government
The government should follow the lead of Dún Laoghaire/Rathdown County Council […]

Apr 13, 2016 : Ireland’s state power supplier is planning a major leap into solar energy
The ESB scheme could increase installed solar capacity more than a hundredfold […]

Apr 13, 2016 : Householders unaware of big savings from energy deals
Huge levels of inertia have been revealed when it comes to savings on home energy […]

Apr 12, 2016 : SEAI calls on organisations to build on €1billion energy savings
Sustainable Energy Awards 2016 Open For Entrants to Highlight Energy Saving […]

Apr 06, 2016 : UCC spin off company riding the wave of renewable energy technology
A UCC spin-off company specialising in wave, tidal, and offshore windfarm technology hopes to make €10m- €15m per year in the next five years […]

Apr 06, 2016 : One in five car new car sales ‘must be electric by 2020’
Ireland needs sharp boost in sale of electric vehicles to reach energy targets […]

Apr 05, 2016 : Can Ireland’s housing stock meet the 80% CO2 reduction target?
This one actually mentions Energy Action !!! (paragraph 3) […]

Apr 05, 2016 : €750k investment to help renewable energy research
Ireland’s marine and renewable energy research centre, MaRei, has secured its largest private investment, which will see it explore economic opportunities in the renewable energy […]

Mar 22, 2016 : Wind farm developers expect to spend €500m
Irish Wind Energy Association says the money will be spent over the next four years […]

Mar 14, 2016 : Energy Action will help you save money
A link to an online article in introducing the SPIRIT programme to the Russian community in Ireland […]

Mar 14, 2016 : Pricewatch: The heat is on – but most of it is escaping
Homeowners can find out if their energy spend is going out the window, thanks to a project in Dublin that is making easy-to-use kits available to borrow […]

Jan 30, 2016 : Power to the people: is community energy the way forward?
The Government wants us to become ‘energy citizens’, but advocates of local energy schemes say Ireland is lagging behind other EU countries […]