Fuel Poverty

Homes for the 21st Century 1999 

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Domestic Energy Effeciency in Ireland: CORRECTING MARKET FAILURE 1999 Link to report
Irish National Survey of Housing Quality (NSHQ) in 2001-2002

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SEI LIHP Strategy 2001-2002

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 Common Ground; Report on Fuel Poverty on the Island of Ireland

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Profile of Households Accommodated by DUBLIN CITY COUNCIL 2001 Link to report
A Review of Fuel Poverty & Low Income Housing 2003

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North Western Fuel Poverty Project 2004

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Elderly Households and the lack of Central Heating 2004

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Pilot Central Heating & Insulation Scheme for Older People Evaluation

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External Wall Insulation Project Report on the Pilot Project 2012

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Census 2002 Volume 1 Population Classified by Area Download zip(572kb )
Mapping Fuel Poverty Link to report
Constituency Boundaries Download zip( 46kb)
Small Area Population Statistics (SAPS) Download zip(78kb )

National Policy Framework

National Development Plan Link to Plan
Supporting Carers: A Social Policy Report 2002 Link to report
National Employment Strategy 2014 Link to report
The National Anti-Poverty Strategy

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Resources for Groups addressing Fuel Poverty

Community Development and Public Policy 2006 Link to Report
Guide to Influencing Policy in Ireland (CPA)

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Carbon Taxation

 Proposal for a Carbon Energy Tax in Ireland 2003  Download report