11th Mar 2013
Fuel Poverty Conference

The aim of Energy Action’s annual Fuel Poverty Conference is to provide a forum for those working in the area of fuel poverty to share key information, experience and perspectives in order to identify lasting solutions to the issue. The conference reviewed current policy and best practice with regard to fuel poverty/energy affordability in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, the UK, and continental Europe and provided a stimulating forum for debate and discussion around these key issues as well as the exchange of valuable information.

Over the course of the conference emphasis was placed on the multifaceted nature of fuel poverty and the need for joint-up action, involving professionals from all disciplines, to effectively address the issue. The need to address the three variables of fuel poverty, energy efficiency, income and fuel prices in a targeted way was discussed as well as the difficulties in identifying those living in fuel poverty. The strong role played by Community Based Organisations in eradicating fuel poverty through their delivery of a quality service to the most vulnerable in their area was also highlighted and the further development of this kind of service was proposed by many.

Those reports of conferences proceedings contains all of the conferences power point presentations as well as synopses of each of the presentations made. It should be noted that the synopses are Energy Action’s interpretation of each of the presentations and Energy Action does not accept liability for any errors or omissions in their content.

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