Sam Lyons

Amazing job from the EA Crew.

The guys from Energy Action did the most professional job on our making our home feeling extra cosy. It was was oh so so brrr cold. Thank You so so much.

Jean Brown

“I’ve noticed a big difference since the insulation has been put in. I’m not putting the heating on as much as I used to. I put it on for a while but then it gets too warm so I have to turn it off again. The lads that carried out the work were very professional and courteous. John the manager of the crews was lovely.”


Michael & Jennifer Page

“We had the insulation work done two months ago. There is a big difference from how it used to be to now. Before, it used to be freezing in the house. We put on the heat now we’re sweating! It’s a great improvement. The house badly needed to be insulated. Now we put the heat on for a while and that’s it. And we’ll save a few quid.”

Adrienne O’Shea & Denise Mangan


“I’m delighted with the insulation. It’s one of the good things the council have done. People that have had the work done will certainly be warmer and happier this winter. They’ll be saving money on heating as well. I can put the heating on now for an hour or two and it will stay warm in the house.”


“My house is at the gable end and was always very cold, what with more exposed walls. When it got cold I wasn’t able to sit in the sitting room. Since the work has been done there has been a noticeable difference in the house. It’s now lovely and warm, and I’m going to save money. The Energy Action crews were great. They cleaned up after their work was finished and didn’t leave any mess.”


Jennifer Monaghan

“There’s a big difference in the house since the work’s been done. I should have had it done years ago! Now I can’t keep the heating on longer than an hour. If I do it gets too warm. The heat now stays inside. The crews that came and did the work on the attic and walls were great. They were very quick and courteous.”

Kevin Quinn

“I’m Treasurer of Corduff Grove & Park estate management committee and we’d been campaigning for a few years to get the insulation installed. When we finally got the go ahead it was great news. Before, the house was cold, especially at night. Fifty per cent of the heat was going out through the roof and the walls. Now that the work has been done the improvement is fantastic. The work crew from Energy Action were first class. They were very courteous, and clean and tidy.”

Bridie Power

Dear Mr. Mooney,

 I had to write this letter to you, in praise of the workers who came to my home. The two men did great work, not one piece of dirt left anywhere around the house. It was a pleasure for me & many.

Many thanks,

Bridie Power


Dear Sir or Madam,

I would like to thank the Energy Action team Bridge, Danny, & John for their work in my home. They fitted locks on the doors & prior to this another team put draught excluders on the doors. They did excellent work and is very much appreciated. The locks have me feel very safe in my own home. Many Thanks.

Yours Sincerely


Catherine Redmond

Dear Sir,

I would like to thank you and your staff for the lovely work they did to my doors yesterday. I will appreciate it more in the winter months ahead. Their devotion to their work was admirable. There was no mess and finished in no time at all.

Yours Sincerely

Catherine Redmond

Julia Byrne

To Mr. Seamus Roarty,

Today a team from Energy Action called to my home. They checked all my house for draughts and fully insulated my front and back door. They must be the most personally effecient and skilled team I have ever encountered.

They are a credit to themselves and Energy Action. I wish that more tradespeople would follow their example. My sincere gratitude and appreciation to those wonderful people.

Thanking all concerned.

Yours Sincerely

Julia Byrne.