Conference 2018

Conference 2018 Presentations

Brenda Boardman - Delivering for the fuel poor

Dermot Mulligan - Helping customers to better manage their energy

Eugene Conlon - (1) Successfully delivering energy programmes in communities
(2) Investing in Communities

Fiona Hannon - The evolving role of an Energy Provider

Greg Straton - Healthy Ireland and the Warmth and Wellbeing Pilot Scheme

Harriet Thomson - What role can the EU Energy Poverty Observatory play in addressing European energy poverty?

Jim Gannon - Improving the comfort and wellbeing of vunerable Irish homeowners

John Dwane - Innovative Customer solutions for Fuel Poverty

Rebecca Minch - Tackling Fuel Poverty-Policy Overview

Slavica Robic - Energy poverty in Croatia

Sorcha Edward - Central to a fair Energy Transition in Europe

Stefan Bouzarovski - Energy Vulnerability and Urban Transitions in Europe (EVALUATE)

Ute Dubois  Energy poverty in France: - the benefits of (and obstacles to) massive thermal refits

William Scott - Health & Energy Poverty, Condensation & Mould in Local Authority Apartments


Anne O'Farrell - Excess winter deaths  in Ireland among persons with  Alzheimer’s disease or related dementia: lessons to be learnt

Brian Whitington - Gluasad Còmhla Moving Together to tackle fuel poverty

  Markku Kenahen - H-CHP Micro Combined Heat and Power System for Households

Cecilia Forrestal - Placing People at the heart of Change

Jamie Ruse - Smart Up: Vulnerable consumer empowerment in a smart meter world

Maura Walsh - The Role of Community Organisations in tackling Fuel Poverty

Michael Hanratty - Demonstration of the Enerfund Retrofit Tool

Paddy Phelan - Delivering Deeper Retrofit to Social Housing

Simon Jones - Solutions to damp & cold homes in East London