What is Enerfund

ENERFUND is a European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme aimed at encouraging investment in deep energy retrofit through 1) increasing public awareness and trust; 2) facilitating funding incentives and schemes and 3) by creating retrofit opportunities. (http://enerfund.eu/)

The project will commence with an assessment of the existing needs and the barriers associated with the poor uptake in the retrofit sector. The initial stage findings will then feed into the development of the ENERFUND tool which will be extensively promoted with its impacts on deep-retrofit measures consistently monitored and measured throughout the project.

15 interdisciplinary organisations representing 12 EU Member States – including 2 universities, several NGOs and SMEs – will be working towards stimulating investment opportunities in the building retrofit sector across Europe. Energy Action is the Irish partner, and has a strong pedigree in the field having already developed the EPISCOPE mapping tool for the Northside of Dublin City. ENERFUND will be building upon the participating partners’ knowledge and expertise in deep energy retrofit to develop and promote the ENERFUND tool.

The proposed online tool will assist stakeholders to identify the most appropriate renovation strategies for the buildings they own or manage. It will also include a number of user-friendly interfaces such as an interactive map displaying a range of deep renovation options. Based on a set of parameters, for instance: BER/ EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) data, number of certified installers, government schemes, etc, the tool will offer a rating and scoring feature of deep renovation opportunities very much like the credit score used by banks to rate clients.

ENERFUND will run for 36 consecutive months, starting in February 2016. The project coordinator Alexandros Charalambides summarised the project’s objectives: ‘By providing a rating for deep renovation opportunities, whether for private establishments or for public buildings, funding institutes can provide targeted loans, retrofit companies can identify sound opportunities, municipalities can promote targeted incentives and the public’s trust for retrofitting will be enhanced’.

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