About Energy Action

Energy Action Ltd was established in 1988. It is an Irish Registered Charity with a voluntary Board of Directors drawn from a variety of backgrounds in both the public and private sector. The key objective of the organisation is to alleviate fuel poverty in Dublin by provision of insulation in the homes of older people and needy people including all who receive fuel allowance from Department of Social Welfare.

Watch this short introduction to our charity.

Better Energy Warmer Homes Scheme Introduction

The Better Energy Warmer Homes Scheme aims to improve the energy efficiency and warmth of homes owned by people on low incomes. It is operated by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) and replaces the earlier Warmer Homes Scheme.

Other Projects

For the past number of years Energy Action have been involved in many projects, ranging from involvement with European Community programmes, student exchanges with Eastern European training groups, evaluations of housing condition, surveys on house hold condition, development and mentoring of energy based community groups at a national level, cross border initiatives, community based energy conservation competitions, award schemes and compilation of reports and assessments on housing standards from an energy consumption aspect. All these projects are additional to our core objective.

If you would like to see an example of our project work please watch this video about our work with the community of Tory Island.

Other Projects

Energy Action was involved in a European energy efficiency programme (SPIRIT) in a partnership comprised of 8 organisations from 8 different member states. The project partners worked in partnership with faith based organisation to develop an energy efficiency programme that delivered a programme of domestic energy saving advice sessions.  The project also supported faith organisations in leveraging their networks to achieve multiplier effects to the delivery of energy behaviour change initiatives to domestic consumers.  This was achieved by training and supporting members of these networks to work as energy champions on a voluntary basis. For more details on the SPIRIT project please visit

You can watch these videos to learn more about our work in the SPIRIT project.


During the IEE project TABULA, residential building typologies have been developed for 15 European countries. Each national typology consists of a classification scheme grouping buildings according to their size, age and further parameters and a set of exemplary buildings representing the building types. They have been published by the project partners in national “Building Typology Brochures”, written in their respective languages. As a common element all brochures contain double page “Building Display Sheets” for all example buildings on which energy related features and the effects of refurbishment measures are illustrated graphically.

Our Participation in the Enerfund Project

ENERFUND is a European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme aimed at encouraging investment in deep energy retrofit through 1) increasing public awareness and trust; 2) facilitating funding incentives and schemes and 3) by creating retrofit opportunities. (

The project will commence with an assessment of the existing needs and the barriers associated with the poor uptake in the retrofit sector. The initial stage findings will then feed into the development of the ENERFUND tool which will be extensively promoted with its impacts on deep-retrofit measures consistently monitored and measured throughout the project.

15 interdisciplinary organisations representing 12 EU Member States – including 2 universities, several NGOs and SMEs – will be working towards stimulating investment opportunities in the building retrofit sector across Europe. Energy Action is the Irish partner, and has a strong pedigree in the field having already developed the EPISCOPE mapping tool for the Northside of Dublin City. ENERFUND will be building upon the participating partners’ knowledge and expertise in deep energy retrofit to develop and promote the ENERFUND tool.

You can read more about our participation in the project here