Energy Action was established in 1988 as Ireland’s first community-based energy project to address the problem of fuel poverty in Dublin.  Fuel poverty is described as “those who have to spend more than 10% of their disposable income keeping themselves warm.” For a quarter of a century, Energy Action has been working towards alleviating fuel poverty by providing free insulation in the homes of older people and the disadvantaged. Energy Action has insulated 35,000 homes since its inception and has also supported several community-based organisations in other parts of the country through pilot schemes to develop their own capacity to tackle fuel poverty. The service is provided through the Better Energy Warmer Homes Scheme administered by the Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland.

Energy Action’s service is delivered by formerly unemployed people who are trained by the charity to certification standards in insulation providing them with sustainable and ecologically sound employment opportunities.

In addition to the service provided by Energy Action, the charity has also taken on the responsibility of influencing policy to ensure appropriate funding would become available to support the sustainability of such projects and programmes to address energy efficiency and fuel poverty in Ireland.

Care for older people and the disadvantaged, care for unemployed people and care for the environment are the three pillars of Energy Action.

Mission Statement

To provide quality Home Insulation services for older people and low-income families. To provide training and employment opportunites for the long-term unemployed.

Aims and Objectives :

Ø  To alleviate fuel poverty by providing high quality free insulation services in the homes of older people and the disadvantaged.

Ø  To provide work opportunities for long term unemployed people that are creative, sustainable and ecologically sound.

Ø  To provide training to long-term unemployed people thereby acquiring new skills. Achieved by external (FETAC) and Internal energy efficiency qualifications.

Ø  To increase the energy efficiency of the dwellings of the needy and fuel poor, reducing fuel costs and atmospheric pollution.

Ø  To heighten public awareness of the need for energy conservation.

Ø  To provide a consistent high quality service to our customers.