About the SPIRIT project

Energy Action has begun a European energy efficiency programme (SPIRIT) in a partnership comprised of 8 organisations from 8 different member states. The project partners will work in partnership with faith based organisation to develop an energy efficiency programme that will deliver a programme of domestic energy saving advice sessions.  Crucially, the project will also support faith organisations in leveraging their networks to achieve multiplier effects to the delivery of energy behaviour change initiatives to domestic consumers.  This will be achieved by training and supporting members of these networks to work as energy champions on a voluntary basis. For more details on the SPIRIT project and what is happening with the other 8 member states, please visit www.spirit-project.eu

SPIRIT Programme Presentation – 9th January 2016

Energy Action presented the SPIRIT Programme at a Regional ( National) Meeting of The  Redeemed Christian Church of God.  The audience  were mainly Senior Pastors, Leaders and Ordained Ministers only, with no laity present. There were 350 in attendance and there was a special interest in having many of their laity attend the Energy Action SPIRIT training programme.

The Redeemed Christian Church of God is one of the fastest growing faiths in Ireland, established in 1999 with a following of 7,500.

Some photos from the SPIRIT Programme presentation.

SPIRIT exhibits at Energy Action Fuel Poverty Conference 2015

Energy Action’s National Fuel Poverty Conference 2015 was held in Croke Park on 5th October. The conference featured speakers from Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK. The conference theme was:“Housing, Health and Well-being in the 21st Century”. Alex White TD, Minister for Communications, Energy & Natural Resources attended the conference and performed the opening address.

Conference speakers reviewed current policy and best practice with regard to Fuel Poverty/Energy Affordability in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK, and provided a stimulating forum for debate and discussion around these key issues as well as the exchange of valuable information.

The Conference 2015 featured an exhibition stand promoting SPIRIT.
In the image below, Alice (on left) from Energy Action is busy briefing potential Energy Champions on the SPIRIT project.

If you would like to watch a video of one of our SPIRIT workshops please click here