As seen on the home page, Energy Action’s Fuel Poverty and Climate Action Conference aims to raise awareness of the problems and solutions to Fuel Poverty and discuss Climate Action. However, there are other reasons to attend this event including the following:

Network Opportunities

A variety of different people will be coming, from local authorities and people in construction to environmentalists and non-profit organisations. This conference presents an excellent opportunity to network with people in your own field or people who may help you achieve different goals. You might even make a new friend there.

Access to funding

The conference will offer information on grants and services that will help save money on your fuel bill and make your house warmer. Even if your house is already warm, it could provide useful information to someone you know living in the cold. Experience has highlighted many householders, “both able to pay” and “fuel poor” households are not aware of grants that have come on stream, or free services available. This is also a lesson for Energy Action and others.

Something for everyone to enjoy

While fuel poverty is the central discussion point, climate action is another hot topic being discussed  The link between fuel poverty and, health will be examined while the workshops offer a variety of subjects from behavioural change to buildings standards. With this diversity of subjects, there is much to learn about innovative technology being rolled out in the energy efficiency industry, the fastest growing industry in Ireland.

An opportunity for  debate and open dialogue

Everyone has an opinion and opinions differ in some shape or form. At the Conference, you’ll be able to air your opinions on various subjects. In particular, the workshops are an interactive way of learning and opening dialogue with some of our esteemed speakers.

Learning and Education

From the student and start-ups to people with wide experience, there is a lot to learn about in this conference; from new regulations to new products and services. There are a lot of opportunities to educate yourself in a productive and interesting way.

To understand the bigger picture

Some people attending may have knowledge of fuel poverty. However, others would know little or nothing about the subject. This Fuel Poverty and Climate Action conference aims to change that and offer a clearer picture to those who attend.  The Conference will reinforce the need to address fuel poverty and ensure it is a priority for this and future Governments to eliminate fuel poverty in Ireland.



To discuss and be involved in the dialogue, join us at #FPCON17 this March 6th in Croke Park, Dublinemail us for an Early Bird Code.


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