Making the Smart Choice When it Comes to Energy Metering

Eighty two per cent of people with smart meters are taking steps to reduce their energy use and eighty one per cent would recommend smart meters to other people. These have already been fitted in households and micro-businesses, and are among the findings of a new survey across Britain, where almost five million smart meters […]

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Local Authorities Approach to Retrofitting

“Fuel poverty is defined in a number of ways. It is sometimes referred to in relation to the deficit in funds a household has to spend on fuel relative to the actual cost of heating the house to a comfortable level. There are a number of factors at play when trying to determine whether or […]

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House model on papers

The Irish definition of NZEB

Defining what constitutes a NZEB building has become something of a regulatory minefield. There are at least 28 different national definitions for NZEB (29 if you include the EU Commission’s) and all sorts of derogations, implementation trajectories and greater or lesser buy-in from political leaders. In Ireland, for example, 3 different definitions of NZEB currently […]

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The History of the Electric Meter

At the 6th annual Fuel Poverty and Climate Action Conference, one of the workshops will focus on smart meters: the latest rendition of the electric meter. However, how did we get to that point of monitoring our energy usage? Here is a brief look at the history of our little friend who can be found […]

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Behavioural change as a means of addressing Fuel Poverty

I’m going to start by being controversial and question many current approaches to tackling fuel or energy poverty. A number of these approaches provide A-rated solutions into C rated homes occupied by G-rated residents. Quite a statement. Let me explain. We understand that the homes we have built over the last 100 years or so […]

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Grants to save money

Grants and Schemes available for your home

Have you ever wondered what schemes and grants are available to you and your home? Below are several of the grants and schemes available to you and your loved ones. If you are from a low-income household looking to upgrade your home’s energy efficiency or doing some home renovations, there are many grants available to […]

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