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Workshops at the Fuel Poverty Conference are a special segment in which the speakers and attendees can engage in dialogue. Workshops will accommodate 50/60 delegates in allocated rooms, including the large conference hall. Technical engineers will set up presentations etc with mike’s available. Workshops are about interactivity and gathering good feedback.

Register Early for one of these workshops as places are limited.

Local Authorities delivering Retrofit for Fuel Poverty

Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland is supporting sustainable energy communities. At this workshop, experts from Scotland, England, and Ireland will present projects aimed at alleviating energy poverty at the community level, in both urban and rural environments.

NGOs Addressing Fuel Poverty

The consequences of living in cold, damp homes are numerous leading to an excess number of winter deaths, respiratory problems, increased hospitalisations, mental illness as well as negative effects on social life. This workshop will discuss ways to ensure a better health outcome for people in, or at risk of, energy poverty.

Smart Meters

This workshop will discuss how collaboration between countries through EU-funded projects can deliver practical and novel solutions for energy poverty. Experts from Finland, UK and Ireland will present on three case studies.


Financing Deep Retrofit