Compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) are energy-efficient lamps and are an alternative to incandescent lamps. They consume 80% less power, burn cooler and last 8 times longer than ordinary bulbs.

When you take electrical energy and put it into a light bulb, some of the energy is given off as light and some as heat. Incandescent bulbs take much of that electrical energy and create heat, with poor light efficiency. Fluorescent lights are quite efficient and the bulbs are usually cool to the touch. Fluorescent lighting is much brighter than yellowish incandescent lighting and it makes reading much easier on the eyes.

Energy Action supplies and fits 2 CFL bulbs to every customer.

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Energy Action Ltd was established in 1988. It is an Irish Registered Charity with a voluntary Board of Directors drawn from a variety of backgrounds in both the public and private sector. The key objective of the organisation is to alleviate fuel poverty in Dublin by provision of insulation in the homes of older people and low income people.

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